New Altaro V5 Hyper-V Backup now Available

Altaro Hyper-V Backup is built for Hyper-V and designed to make backing up Microsoft Hyper-V VMs easier than ever, with refined and sophisticated features, yet affordable priced. You’ll be up and running in a matter of minutes, protecting your VMs by using flexible features for automated backups and offering a host of granular restore options to recover quickly and safely from hairy situations.

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Archiware News – January 2015


First of all – Happy New Year!

In 2015, we’ll be travelling to more trade shows than ever to meet our partners and customers…

Are you going places?

We depend on you as our partners, distributors and resellers to represent us all around the world – so we want to support you when you do…

Tape Library license matrixes

Archiware P5 Backup und P5 Archive are compatible with all existing LTO Tape hardware on the market….

P5 and KeyFlow Standard MAM

Korean Software vendor Malgn Technology has integrated Archiware P5 Archive into their Media Asset Management system KeyFlow Standard

Things from around the internet

Here are a few interesting articles we collected for you over the last few weeks:…


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Latest Security Warnings

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Top 5 Security Essentials :


New Ransomware Alert: CryptoLocker copycat PClock discovered

Ransomware CryptoLocker was one of the most infamous malware families of the years 2013 and 2014 and although the operation behind the original CryptoLocker malware family has been dismantled in 2014, it’s still a name that frightens a lot of users and system administrators alike. It is therefore not surprising that other malware authors try to capitalize on CryptoLocker’s reputation by releasing copycats.

One of the most recent copycats that we became aware of is a ransomware named PClock that showed up just a day ago. Unlike CryptoLocker though, which was a somewhat complex and sophisticated piece of malware, PClock is quite primitive by nature.

72-hour countdown timer to pay USD$300 ransom

Like all file encrypting ransomware (also known as crypto malware) PClock’s main goal is to encrypt important files on the victim’s system in order to compel them to pay a ransom in return for their files. Like CryptoLocker it gives the user a 72-hour ultimatum to pay the ransom of 1 bitcoin (approximately USD $300). Otherwise it claims to destroy the keys required to decrypt the user’s files:



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Looking Forward to Hyper-V in Server 10

by Eric Siron

New year, new products! Some time in 2015, we’re all going to be graced with the newest edition of Windows and Windows Server, and along with them, Hyper-V.

I wish I had a slick code name to give you, like “Viridian”, but it seems like most in-progress Microsoft products are now just code-named “vNext”.

I’ve spent some time going over the published feature list. Some of the introductions will be very welcome. Some make me a bit less than enthusiastic.

The Features I Like

  • Production Checkpoints
  • Hyper-V Manager Improvements
  • Integration Services Delivered through Windows Update
  • Connected Standby
  • Rolling Cluster Upgrades
  • Multiple Virtual Machine Configuration Versions

The Features I Don’t Care So Much About

  • Déjà-New Virtual Machine File Format
  • Hot Add and Remove of Memory and Network Adapters
  • Enhancements to Storage Quality of Service

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Product Portfolio Updated

We have recently updated our Product Portfolio.

The current version can be downloaded here :


Hyper-V and PowerShell: VM Process

by Eric Siron

In the article that contains the Restart-VM script, I mentioned that a VM that can’t be stopped with Stop-VM requires you to kill its VMWP process. It might not be obvious how to determine which process that is. I’ve written a script to help you do that.

This article is part of the “Hyper-V and PowerShell” series.

This script is extremely straightforward so it doesn’t require a lot of explanation. I opted to only allow you to input a single VM name at a time. If you use the pipeline, it will run once for each input object as normal.

As with the Restart-VM script, I designed this one as a function that must be dot-sourced. Please read that article for directions.

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Chelsio Newsletter, December 2014

Chelsio Newsletter 

Happy holidays and best wishes for the New Year from all of us at Chelsio!

The year 2014 closes on a high note with several high profile announcements that underscore the momentum behind Chelsio’s Unified Wire and RDMA over Ethernet solutions.

As Chelsio’s 40Gb iSCSI and FCoE adapters established themselves as the highest performing in the industry, designed-in by nearly all the storage OEMs, the turn was for 40Gb iWARP RDMA over Ethernet to get into the spotlight, with traction in a number of major cloud installations. Notably, Microsoft’s recently announced Cloud Platform System, a scalable turnkey private cloud solution, selected Chelsio iWARP as its RDMA fabric. The selection reflects the technical merits of the iWARP protocol, and validates the robustness and performance of Chelsio’s implementation.

Chelsio’s iWARP solution also made the headlines in showcasing the first NVMe over Fabrics demonstration, providing the same direct attach storage performance across an Ethernet link, with minimal latency impact. Chelsio’s RDMA over Ethernet solution is emerging as the interconnect of choice for this disruptive storage architecture, and an ideal unifying storage fabric as it already powers clustered storage products from tier-1 storage OEMs.

iWARP is built on top of TCP/IP, allowing it to seamlessly scale to large data centers, and operate over long distances, all the while natively providing reliable congestion and flow control. Chelsio’s iWARP implementation is a plug-and-play high performance RDMA over Ethernet solution that leverages standard Ethernet switches, routers, firewalls and other network devices, doing away with the acquisition and operating expenses of complex DCB and specialized gateway equipment.

Chelsio recently announced joining the OpenPOWER Foundation, to participate in the development of POWER Systems solutions.

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