Datastor offers a range of services as indicated below.
Services are normally conducted in conjunction with a reseller, or on an as-needed basis.
Type of ServiceIn-House FeeOn-Site Call-Out
8am – 5pm
On-Site Fee
8am – 5pm
On-Site Call-Out
after hours
On-Site Fee
after hours
Hardware, Software and Support Services$ 125/Hr$ 125$ 155/Hr$ 150$ 185/Hr
System Consultation Services$ 125/Hr$ 125$ 155/Hr$ 150$ 185/Hr
Training Services$ 120/Hr$ 125$ 150/Hr$ 150$ 185/Hr
Remote Support Service (via Team Viewer)$ 30 per 15Mins$ 125$ 150/Hr$ 150$ 185/Hr
In relation to the above services, please note the following:
  • All prices above are inclusive of GST
  • Telephone support is free for product under maintenance contracts. Other support issues may attract a fee.
  • All remote support done via Team Viewer Software
  • Travel costs and accommodation are billed at actual costs.
  • Official Purchase Order is required before commencement of Services.