General Label Information

We provide custom printed labels for:

  • ANY type of bar code label, to suit ANY type of drive or library.
  • ANY quantity.
  • ANY specification (colour palette, prefix/suffix letters, fixed or positional colours, font size, style etc).
  • ANY sequence (serial or ad-hoc).
  • AND ready for dispatch within 72 hours (subject to order clarification and payment details).
  • All labels are available using the following colour palettes. Should you require a different hue we can design to suit.
  • Colours and styles can be applied to particular positions.
  • All labels may be printed using any standard font design. Samples below are using OCR.
  • Accepted practice for Cleaning Cartridge labels is Black on White and for Diagnostic labels is White on Black

Our labels conform to all applicable ANSI/ISO standards. Our adhesive labels utilise a Permanent Emulsion Acrylic adhesive 1mm thick.

The LTO, 3480 Style, 3480 Style ID, AIT, 3570 Spine and Back, MO, 8mm and 4mm are all made from polyester material. This material is specifically designed for creating barcode labels using laser printers. DLT labels are made from a cardstock material specifically designed for creating barcode labels using laser printers.

Shelf life prior to use greater than 1 year.

Our Adhesive – Our Polyester Labels contain a Permanent Emulsion Acrylic Adhesive. For optimum results, the label should be applied at temperatures of 10°c or above. Initially the label is minimally adjustable on the tape, but the bond becomes stronger over time, therefore making the incidence of peeling off essentially non-existent.

Environmental recommendations for use & storage – For optimum life and performance of your labels, all labels must be stored in plastic, concealed from light, and remain in a temperature- controlled environment.

Dimensional specs – All sheets are 8.5” x 11.0”. All labels are made specifically for the type of cartridge they are to be applied to and are within the specifications set forth by library manufacturers.

Compatibility with automated tape library systems – All labels produced with the our Label System are compatible with the intended library.