RMA Terms & Conditions 


  1. Before any goods can be returned, an RMA number must be obtained by completing an RMA Request Form.  This form is a request for an RMA number only and is not an agreement by Datastor to accept any goods for return.
  2. All returns require a serial number and our original invoice number. If neither of these can be supplied the RMA process will be delayed.
  3. The RMA number is valid for 7 days from date of issue, and must be written on packaging and on all correspondence included with the returned item.
  4. Any goods sent to us without an RMA number will be returned to the sender at their expense.
  5. All DOA items that are not returned within 7 days cannot be classified as DOA.
  6. Goods that pass Manufacturers’ standard diagnostic testing will be considered free of fault.


  1. In the course of a normal RMA, the customer pays the freight to Datastor.
  2. Once repaired or replaced the unit will be sent back to the customer at Datastor’s expense
  3. In the case of a requested forward replacement, the customer is responsible for all inward and outward freight.
  4. Goods returned and found to have no fault will be sent back to the customer at their expense.
  5. In the case of goods returned for credit, freight will not be credited.

A 10-15% handling surcharge may apply:

  1. If a credit return is outside of 7 days from invoice date, or has been opened or is not in an ‘as-new’ re-saleable condition.
  2. If a forward replacement has been supplied and the faulty unit has not been returned within 7 days of forward replacement dispatch date.
  3. If the returned unit is found to be not faulty. ie Goods that pass Manufacturers’ standard diagnostic testing will be considered free of fault.


Please note that software is NOT returnable or refundable. All software sold by Datastor, is available by download, for evaluation and trial (Proof of Concept). We encourage customers to please ensure this process is followed, and that the correct software is installed and ordered. Any requests for software RA need to addressed direct to the respective Vendor, as Datastor does not have authority in these matters.

If you wish to submit an RMA request, please click the link below. In doing so, you acknowledge and accept the Terms & Conditions above.