Product Scope and Specialisation

Chelsio’s Unified Wire Adapters accelerate network performance in enterprise data centers, cloud services and high performance clusters(HPC).

  • T5 Unified Wire Adapters – Chelsio’s Terminator 5 (T5) 40GbE, 10GbE Unified Wire Adapters for Offloaded TCP, RDMA(iWARP), iSCSI, FCoE, packet filtering, virtualization and more.
  • T420-BT – 2 x 10Gb Ethernet, low profile, 32K offloaded connections, RJ45 connector.
  • Legacy Adapters – Chelsio’s 10G/1G High Speed Legacy Adapters for TCP, RDMA(iWARP), iSCSI, FCoE offload.
  • Unified Storage Router – Chelsio’s Unified Storage Router(USR) is a cost-effective solution to improved FC SAN and SAS storage utilization

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Partner Programs run by Vendor in conjunction with Datastor.

Datastor provides 1st level support.  Thereafter support is handled by Chelsio Support.
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