Octiga helps organizations to achieve continuous m365 security and compliance best practice with an easy and affordable SaaS cloud security solution. Whether you need to secure your organisation, or you are an IT service provider who juggles the security of your clients, Octiga is here to help.

We recognize that the world has changed. We must deliver a way that business goes on without ignoring M365 security risks any longer.

  • Secure your business and clients easily, quickly, maintainable, affordably
  • Deliver corporate wide O365 security best practice with confidence
  • Improve Microsoft Office 365 security in one click
  • Achieve a security posture that fits your activities and gets you back to your business

– Securing Everything in Microsoft Office 365 (In clicks, not weeks!)

– Coherent Security Posture Automation!

– Microsoft 365 Security Management & Monitoring for MSPs

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